And Mithra Danced

Project Description

Stainless Steel and Bronze

11’7″ x 4’4″ x 2’4″ | 3.52 x 1.35 x .75 Meters

Purchased by the City of Issaquah, Washington

Many of my sculptures have no titles when I begin creating them. Nearly always, a title comes to the piece as I’m working with the steel, after all, there are times, such as with ‘And Mithra Danced’, where I sat welding on Stainless Steel for 9 hours a day, days on end. This particular title was troublesome for me, however, as I was polished the final section, I realized it was winter solstice.

In Mesopotamian Mythology, Mithra (or Mithras) was the creator god… the sun god, and he was Reborn on the first day of winter every year. As this sculpture came together, visiting friends and fellow artists to my studio all made the same remarks; that it looking like music, or water, or dancing. I felt that it danced as well, and, with the last finishing touches happening ON the joyous day Mithra is reborn every year, I thought that Dancing would be a suitable title.

This piece was purchased by the City of Issaquah, Washington in 2007. I offer a huge Thank You to the members of the Issaquah Arts Commission!

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