Project Description

Stainless Steel & Columnar Basalt

7’11” x 2′ x 1’9″ | 2.74 x .60 x .53 Meters

Mist over the Sound
Heron sketches a new day
Its beak draws the lines
– James Kelsey

I’m often asked, “How long did that sculpture take you?” My answer is oftentimes, “X number of days or weeks or months. This sculpture took many years to complete. Actually, there is only one sculpture in my portfolio that has taken more time and it is still awaiting word from the Muse as to which direction it is to go.

During it’s awkward phase, “Heron Sketches the Day” sat in my private collection. I knew it wasn’t ready for a gallery show, but I didn’t hate it either. I looked at it nearly every day for years and contimplated what it would become.

Over all of this time, many friends and art collectors visited my studio and many of them said they saw the same thing … a bird. I saw it as well, and in the end, I saw what the Muse was trying to show me.

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