Touching the Intangible

Project Description

Stainless Steel & Polyurethane Paint

8’ x 7’ 6” x 4’ 6” | 243cm x 229cm x 137cm

The doctors and researchers of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center come from around our world with a mission to continually explore the unknown. They are seeking the cause and the cure…

When they begin a quest, they are looking to grasp something that they can’t see or hold onto. Something they may not even understand, yet through perseverance, creativity, and even failure they come to understand and discover the answers.

“Holding the Intangible” … touching the untouchable is their goal … many times the irony is once they do this, they pass their discoveries on to others and begin a NEW quest to find and hold yet another intangible.

These doctors, scientists, and technicians, these women and men, are brave and resolute in their lives’ work and have changed the world for all of us.

Project Details