Nomad Hearts

Project Description



6’6″ x 2’5″ x 8″ | 2.1 x .65 x .2 meters

This incredible bronze sculpture inspires nearly all who see it. James rarely works in pure bronze without it being a commission due to the cost of raw materials and the time it takes to make everything perfect, but he was inspired to take a leap of faith on this beautiful piece. The inner sides of the hearts have been polished to mirror finishes. The photos here were taken at the Bellevue Festival of the Arts. More professional studio pictures will be available soon.

This is one of three in a series to be created. Of the two remaining, one will have handmade glass in the ‘hearts’ and the other will be a fountain.

Commissions are now being accepted for the remaining pieces in this series, and, of course, the particular work is currently available.

The title to this sculpture was inspired by an amazing singer/songwriter, Paula Tutmarc-Johnson (1950-2013). Her last CD is titled “Nomad Heart”. Sadly, it appears difficult to find on the internet, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

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