Pendulum in Tension

Project Description

Recycled Steel

48″ x 30″ x 12″ | 122cm x 77cm x 30cm

Every once in a while, a fun word-play appears while a piece is being created. This is the case for “Pendulum In Tension” (or is that Pendulum Intention?). It’s actually true that the 40 pound (18 kg) pendulum is in tension since it doesn’t hang straight down, but is this by design or just a miscalculation? Does this “imperfection” decrease the sculpture’s value, or does it give it all of its value due to the meaning it gives the piece? In the final analysis, only the viewer can decide.

Project Details

  • Project Category:
  • Private Collections,
  • Company / Client:
  • Private Collection, Tacoma, Washington, USA