Primary Geometry: Blue-4 in Sun Valley

Project Description

Aircraft Aluminum

Variable: 6′ to 27′ tall

AVAILABLE:  Currently these have all sold, but I am accepting commissions for future pieces.

“Primary Geometry is a series that I’ve been wanting to explore since my career as a sculptor began over a decade ago. It was inspired by my days working at a local metal fabrication shop whose owner gave me my first (and only) job as a welder. I would have to make precisely-sized cubes that would then be incorporated into the internal structure of cabinets and furniture for ships. I always thought there was a beauty in the creation of these shapes, although it wasn’t an observation held by others in the very gruff shop.

This will be a rare series for me in that it will be on-going; I love color variations on a theme, and this project lends itself perfectly to that. These first four are all of similarly-sized cubes, but I will be exploring that aspect of this project as well in the future. I will create some with very small cubes, but very high, and hopefully others as very large, commissioned sculptures.

If you would like to place a specific order for a size or color, please contact me.

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