Reaching for Eternity

Project Description


Bronze, Glass, and Polished Basalt

10′ x 4’3″ x 2′ | 305cm x 130cm x 60 cm

This sculpture began life as a small experiment using glass and a few sketches of possible sculptures.  I played with different ideas coming up with at least 30 potential pieces, but this one drew me in.

I created a maquette (French for ‘model’) of this piece to get a better feel for it before investing the energy and resources which would be involved in creating a full-scale sculpture.  Unlike all previous sculptures of this size, this one was not a commission, instead, it was a studio piece.  I’m a strong believer in the concept that if I build it, the buyer will appear.

This piece contains 107 meters (350 feet) of glass which meant I had to hand-chip 214 meters (700 feet) of edge — but first I had to learn HOW to chip the edge of 1.3 cm-thick (1/2″)  glass without it shattering.  Each layer of glass is bound together using a silicon glass adhesive.

While I work in the abstract, many viewers see something contained within this sculpture.  While my intention was pure beauty, I can see the three primary interpretations, but will leave it up to you to see it how your life reflects within it… Some see water- the color and texture of the glass most definitely can be seen in a shimmering water.  Others see a fish.  Being a native of the Pacific Northwest, USA I can agree with that view as well.  The third interpretation is of Ichthus, a religious symbol going back as far as Christianity itself.

One of my favorite aspects of being a sculptor of the abstract is that all three of these visions are correct.  We all bring our own history and worldview with us everywhere we travel and those things color our world and how we see it.

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