Siren's Song

Project Description

Marine-grade Stainless Steel

3’10″ x 11’4″ x 10″ (116cm x 345cm x 25cm)

This piece was commissioned by the Kitsap Transit Authority and was sited above the new gateway at their intermodal hub (where their buses meet up with their foot ferry). They wanted something that reflected on the history of ferries on the Puget Sound while at the same time a sculpture that could look forward. After a lot of sketchpad pages, James came up with “Siren’s Song”.

While abstract, this work is informed by the old wooden steering wheels used in the “Mosquito Fleet” that used to ply the waters of the region. The curvaceous element was meant to symbolize the Sound, but many riders have interpreted it to represent the mountains of the Olympic and Cascades. James is very pleased that with abstract work, each viewer is able to create meaning for themselves.

Project Details

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