Project Description

Mixed Media

17′ x 8′ x 6″ | 518 cm x 245 cm x 15 cm

This is a concept I played with in my sketch books for over a year before hitting upon the right look. It took even longer for the bold collector to see my vision from a 6″ sketch and say “GO FOR IT!” Each cube is hand-cut, prepared and uniquely painted one at a time giving this sculpture an amazingly intimate feeling.

I would very much like to do this piece in a horizontal version as well as in a variety of colors. While this was created for a private home, I would very much like to work on a piece in at least twice the scale for a public or corporate space (25 feet or more high (800 cm)).

The piece is very playful, bringing smiles to first-time viewers and a show-stopper as guests enter the residence. Some of the individual cubes have been installed on stainless steel armatures to allow them to ‘float’ or ‘fall’ away from the sculpture.

Project Details

  • Project Category:
  • Private Collections,
  • Company / Client:
  • Private collector, Lakewood, Washington, USA