This Is Not Junk Mail

Project Description

$150 (very limited edition)

Stainless Steel, Paper, & Stamps

6″ X 9″ X 1/4″ | 15 X 23 X .6 cm

As my letter of introduction that I sent out to everyone involved in this project stated, “some may think I’m crazy. . .” I still hold with this notion. When I conceived of this idea, it was in the waning days of a warm summer and my creative juices were bubbling with activity. I was playing with ideas on how as an artist I could get my name out to new people.

This concept began with two questions: WHO might buy art and HOW best to approach them. Everything began as small seed germinating in the back of my mind; I can send out the traditional postcards! Yes, that was it, I would create a wonderful, over-sized artsy-fartsy postcard that would so impress everyone who received it that they would start lining up at my studio door the day after receiving them!

This made me happy.

Then I discovered a local program to help small businesses succeed and approached them for help with marketing. The kind man and his team of MBA wannabes came up with zilch. Apparently marketing ART is hard and the usual strategic paths don’t work. I asked the kind man about my postcard idea and he liked it, but said that I shouldn’t spend over 40 cents each.

I nodded and left.

Then reality slapped me in my face. 99.999999 percent of those postcards would end up in the recycle bin upon arrival with the .0000001 left to live out their lives as a bookmarks on their way to oblivion.

This made me sad .

But, as often happens at times like these, that little seed that had been sitting in the back of my mind germinated and began to grow. It grew from postcard to a brochure to a small pamphlet to a laser-cut, stainless steel covered full blown portfolio of my work both past and present! It was a GLORIOUS idea whose time had come!

This. . . this made me very happy.

Then [insert a scary symphonic discordant note here] And then, the Great Economic Elevator Ride of 2008 began, and the Chinese curse came to mind, “may you live in interesting times.”

Yep, you got it, Sad once again. . . it’s no wonder why so many great artists of our past turned to drinking

But then, with great fortitude, determination, and an utter disregard for common sense, I moved forward with this project dispute fits of panic and nightmares of snaggle-toothed credit card monsters chasing me through knee-deep mud.

That’s my story. I’m sticking to it. In the end, I created 160 Laser-cut, Stainless steel covered portfolios. Each is a signed, limited edition piece of art unto itself. Other than numbers 1 -30, these have been sent out into the world to unsuspecting strangers. My goal is to introduce my work to those unaware of my work to this point. Truth be told, my GOAL is to sell some art, but it’s the small things that make me happy.

What’s that you ask? What about numbers 1 – 30?? Ah yes, THOSE are for sale. Not only is this a way of fending off those horrible, snaggle-toothed credit card monsters, but a way of allowing friend, family, and patrons to have something that is quite special and rare. At the time of this writing, there are approximately 10 left… that’s all I’m going to say about THAT.

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