Tides of Justitia

Project Description

Stainless Steel, Granite Spheres & Bench

Installation: 32′ x 26′ (9.8 x 8 meters)
Sculpture: 11′ 9″ x 5′ 11″ x 2′ 2″ (3.6 x 1.8 x .66 meters)

“Tides of Justitia” was the first commission by the newly formed Bremerton Arts Commission and was part of the 1% for arts program. This installation consists of the primary sculpture as well as 5 rough-hewn granite spheres and a granite bench in the courtyard of the Bremerton Police Department. This beautiful piece is located on Burwell Avenue, one of the primary thoroughfares through Bremerton.
The title of this work came out as the piece was being created. The wave form of the sculpture represents the ‘tide’ of the title. While justice itself may ebb and flow, the ceaseless power of water (justice) will always prevail in the end. The five polished spheres originally began life in sketches as three, but after discussions with the Police Chief and others, the total number was arrived at; each sphere represents part of the department’s creed, P.R.I.D.E.

While the untarnished spheres represent the high bar the BPD has set for itself and officers, the five rough-hewn granite spheres represent the world in which they work. The sphere’s near-perfect roundness show that the community continues to strive for perfection, peace, and tolerance, but at the same time, the granite is hard, rough on the edges, and from a sculptor’s vantage point at least, difficult to work with from time to time.

Many are unaware that the blindfolded woman holding the scales of justice and a sword is actually an ancient god of justice. She even has a name: Justitia.

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